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Termites, industrious and relentless insects, possess a remarkable ability to infiltrate homes worldwide, presenting a formidable challenge for homeowners. With their vast numbers outnumbering humans tenfold, termites have firmly established themselves in every corner of the globe.

Their destructive impact is equally astonishing, as termites are accountable for inflicting billions in damages annually to homes, agricultural crops, and various structures. While the costs of termite treatment Perth may vary depending on the service provider, one undeniable truth remains: delaying white ant treatment Perth will only escalate your financial burden.

Beat the Clock for Better Prevention

When it comes to termite infestations, time is of the utmost importance. The longer you postpone seeking termite treatment Perth, the more costly it becomes to rectify the problem. Termites operate relentlessly, causing extensive structural damage that escalates exponentially if left unchecked.

At Ants Pest Control Perth, we provide fast and efficient termite control Perth services, creating a termite-free environment. With over a decade of experience, our dedicated team of experts delivers precision and professionalism in every job. We take the protection of your home seriously, as it is not just a job for us but a commitment to your security and financial well-being. Take action now to safeguard your property from these relentless termites!

Beat the Clock for Better Prevention

Types Of Termite Treatment Perth

Chemical Barrier Treatments

Liquid Termiticides : This involves the application of liquid chemicals in the soil around the perimeter of a building to create a chemical barrier that termites cannot cross. Common chemicals used include Bifenthrin, Imidacloprid, and Fipronil.

Termite Baiting Systems : These systems use bait stations placed in the ground around the property. When termites feed on the bait, they transfer it to the colony, eventually eradicating it.

Physical Termite Barriers

Termite-Resistant Building Materials: Some homes are constructed using termite-resistant materials such as concrete slabs or steel frames, which are less attractive to termites.

Metal Termite Shields :Metal shields can be installed during construction to prevent termites from gaining access to the building.

Regular termite inspections by our termite pest control Perth professionals can detect termite activity early. Ants Pest Control Perth’s inspectors employ cutting-edge technology, including thermal imaging and moisture meters, to detect hidden termite activity.

Chemical Foaming and Dusting

Foaming agents and dust may be applied directly to termite colonies or infested areas to eliminate the pests. This is often used in conjunction with other pest control Perth methods.

Wood Treatment

Wood treatment involves the application of termiticides directly to wood surfaces or structures. This is particularly important for protecting timber-framed houses.

Termite Treatment Perth Cost

In Perth, Australia, various factors play a pivotal role in determining the cost of termite treatment services. It’s essential to consider these factors when estimating the overall expense of dealing with a termite infestation:


The extent of Infestation

The severity and extent of the termite infestation significantly impact the termite treatment Perth cost. Larger infestations that have spread throughout a structure or property typically require more extensive and costly treatments.


Type of Termites

Different termite species may require specific treatments, and some species can be more challenging to eliminate than others. The type of termites present can affect the treatment approach and termite treatment Perth cost.


Treatment Method

The choice of treatment method plays a significant role in cost variation. Chemical barrier treatments, termite baiting systems, fumigation, heat treatment, and other ant control Perth methods come with different price tags. Some methods may require ongoing monitoring, which adds to the overall cost.


Square meterage of the property

The size of the property can also affect the termite treatment Perth cost. Bigger homes require more products, more inspection time, and more labor, which can increase the cost of treatment.



The accessibility of the infested areas can affect the cost of ants pest control Perth services. If termites are in hard-to-reach or concealed spaces, treatment may require more effort and resources, driving up the price.

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    Ants pest control perth

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      Ants pest control perth


      Annual inspections are recommended, but high-risk areas may require more frequent checks.

      Good maintenance helps but isn’t foolproof; professional inspections are essential from time to time to ensure the property is clear from pests. 

      Drywood termites live within the wood, while subterranean termites nest in the ground and build mud tubes.

      They often target softwoods but can infest any wood type.

      Yes, termites can travel to adjacent structures if not controlled.

      Yes, using termite-resistant materials can reduce the risk of infestation.

      Bait stations attract termites, which then carry the bait back to the colony, eventually eradicating it.

      While less likely, termites can still infest homes with steel frames if there’s wood inside, and they can reach wood through cracks in brick exteriors.

      Look for sagging or damaged wooden surfaces, tiny holes, and hollow sounds when tapping on the wood.

      Yes, pre-construction termite treatments are recommended to prevent future infestations.