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Ensuring the safety and pest-free status of your home or business is a top priority for everyone. Achieving this goal necessitates the assistance of experienced pest control companies in Perth who possess the knowledge and expertise required to effectively eliminate pests from residential and commercial premises. This is precisely where Ants Pest Control Perth excels. With over a decade of industry experience, we have successfully served thousands of satisfied customers, solidifying our reputation as a trusted name in pest control. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to delivering superior pest control solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Pest Control Solutions

Pests can wreak havoc in various settings, from homes and restaurants to office spaces and beyond. As one of the leading pest control companies in Perth, we recognize the urgency of promptly and effectively eliminating these unwelcome intruders from diverse environments, tailoring our treatments to suit each unique situation. Explore our comprehensive range of services:

Residential Pest Control Services in Perth

Problems Homeowners Face:

Pest Infestations: Homeowners often deal with pest infestations, such as ants and termites, which can pose health risks and damage property.

Safety Concerns: Families with children and pets are especially concerned about the safety of pest control treatments and their potential harm to loved ones.

How Ants Pest Control Perth Solves It
Rapid Response Times at Affordable Prices: Our team provides quick responses to address pest issues promptly, preventing infestations from spreading and causing further damage. Customised Treatment Plans: Our tailored plans address the unique pest issues in each home, ensuring that pests are effectively eliminated without compromising the safety of your family. Eco-friendly Solutions Safe for Children and Pets: Being one of the most reliable pest control companies in Perth, we use environmentally friendly pest control methods that are safe for children and pets, ensuring that your loved ones are protected during and after treatments.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Problems Commercial Owners Face

Customer Dissatisfaction

Pest infestations in commercial settings can lead to dissatisfied customers, damaging a business’s reputation and bottom line.

Employee Health Hazards

Pests in workplaces can create health hazards for employees, leading to absenteeism and reduced productivity.

How Ants Pest Control Perth Solves It


Thorough Pest Inspection Perth

Our commercial division conducts thorough assessments to identify and address pest hotspots, preventing issues that could lead to customer dissatisfaction.


Customized Pest Management Plans

Tailored pest management plans ensure that the unique pest control needs of each business are met, reducing the risk of employee health hazards and customer dissatisfaction.


Effective Strategies for a Pest-Free Environment

As one of the most trusted pest control companies in Perth, we employ advanced techniques and technology to deliver effective, long-term pest control solutions, protecting your business's reputation and the well-being of employees and customers.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

Problems Property Owners Face

Termite Infestations: Termites can cause extensive damage to buildings, compromising their structural integrity and leading to costly repairs.

Preserving Property Value: Property owners want to protect their investments by ensuring their buildings are free from termite damage, which can reduce property value.

How Ants Pest Control Perth Solves It

Expert Technicians and Proven Methods

Our team of expert technicians uses proven methods to create a protective barrier, preventing termites from entering the building’s structure even before construction begins.

Industry-Approved Chemicals and Technologies

We utilize industry-approved chemicals and powerful treatments to ensure long-lasting termite control Perth, minimizing the risk of future infestations and safeguarding your property.

Tailored Treatments for Unique Construction Requirements:

Our pre-construction treatments are customized to meet the specific needs of your construction project, providing comprehensive protection that considers the project’s unique requirements.

Preserving Property Value and Structural Integrity

With our best pest control perth services, property owners can have peace of mind, knowing that their investment is well-protected against the damaging effects of termites. This preservation of property value and structural integrity is crucial for long-term investment success.


When it comes to ant control Perth, our services offer the perfect combination of affordability and efficiency. We understand that pest issues can be urgent, which is why we offer budget-friendly pest control Perth prices and same-day services to address emergency situations promptly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ants Pest Control Perth today for an obligation-free quote. Experience the advantages of our top-tier pest control services, characterized by eco-friendly practices, affordability, and unwavering reliability. It’s time to say goodbye to unwanted pests once and for all. Contact us now, and let us safeguard your space from the intrusion of pests.

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    Ants pest control perth


    Different ant species may require different treatment approaches. Our professional pest control technicians identify the specific species and tailor treatments accordingly.

    It’s not recommended to move ant bait traps once placed, as ants may lose the scent trail and not be attracted to them.

    We address indoor ant infestations through identification, baiting, spraying, and sealing entry points. Outdoor treatments include perimeter barriers, nest elimination, environmental modifications, bait stations, and regular maintenance. These customized approaches effectively eliminate ants and prevent future infestations in homes and outdoor spaces.

    Re-infestations can occur, but regular pest control maintenance helps prevent their return.

    Yes, ants can contaminate food products, leading to foodborne illnesses and food waste.

    Baiting targets ant colonies at the source, while spraying provides immediate control of visible ants. Both methods can be used together for comprehensive control.

    While bleach may deter ants temporarily, it’s not a long-term solution and can be harmful to surfaces and the environment.

    Maintaining cleanliness, sealing entry points, and following the technician’s recommendations are key steps to prevent future ant infestations.

    Winged ants have elbowed antennae and a pinched waist, while termites have straight antennae and a broad waist. Our pest control expert can confirm the identification.

    While the treatment methods are similar, commercial properties may require more extensive and tailored solutions due to higher foot traffic.